eBay quietly rolls out the New Product Shopping Experience (NPSE) – part I/III

Today eBay quietly launched what they call the new product shopping experience.  That’s quite a mouthful so I’m going to abbreviate it NPSE.  This is the future of buying and selling on eBay so requires a pretty deep dive, so today I am launching a three part series on the NPSE topic and look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts along the way:

  • Part I – (you are here) – We’ll give a tour of the NPSE’s new features and walk you through how it works.
  • Part II – We’ll review the NPSE.  What are the good and bad aspects of this new buyer experience?
  • Part III – Finally, as the NPSE rolls out across the site and globe, there are very serious seller implications.  We’ll walk through some strategies for you and things to consider to get in front of this.

Now allow me to give you a tour of the future of buying on eBay – NPSE!

NPSE – How to see it for yourself

The NPSE is rolling out for most MP3 players, GPS units and DVDs. I’ve found the best one out right now that demonstrates all of the new features is the iPod Nano.  To see it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ebay.com
  2. In the search box type in ‘ipod nano’ – wait about 5 seconds
  3. You’ll see a bunch of text suggestions and at the very bottom a couple of product page recommendations – pick one.
  4. You should now be on the NPSE!

Alternatively you can click HERE.

NPSE – The eight new pieces of the NPSE

Here’s a screen shot of the NPSE (click to expand)


In the above you see some of the eight new features:

  1. eBay has innovated here (copied Amazon) and has what they call the Value Box (not to be confused with the Buy Box).  The value box shows a “great value from a eTRS” seller – no Above Standard Sellers allowed in here apparently.
  2. They have split the buying experience into auction and buy it now (Donahoe has finally gotten the split screen view he’s been talking about since ’08!) and the listings are also segmented by the new 5 condition codes.
  3. Product reviews – you can see CNET reviews and content for this item over on the left.  There’s also some filtered navigation giving you the ability to pick the size of the device and colour.

Here you see feature number 4 – price trending: (click to expand)

This is a neat feature, eBay shows you the trend of the fixed price items vs. the auction items. As a consumer this could help you decide if investing all the time in an auction is worth it or not. (probably not looking at this picture).

Features 5-8 are further down the page and also very reminiscent of Amazon – they are product recommendations (people also purchased), similar products and accessories and other models in the family.


Coming soon – Part II – a detailed review of NPSE….

That concludes our tour of the NPSE.  I encourage everyone to take it for a spin.  In addition to the iPod Nano, you may want to check out:

  • GPS experience-> Garmin Nuvi 1350 – here
  • DVD experience-> Back to the future – here
  • Blu Ray -> Iron man 2 here
  • mp3 -> Zune is here

If you don’t recall, here’s a Roomba in the old (classic?) product search experience – here


SeekingAlpha disclosure – I am long google and amazon. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.



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