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2015 Gross Merchandise Volume<\/p>\n"},{"image":false,"image_svg_code":" <\/svg>","content":"


ChannelAdvisor customers worldwide<\/p>\n"},{"image":false,"image_svg_code":"


E-commerce channels supported worldwide<\/p>\n"}],"locations":[{"title":"Headquarters - Research Triangle Park, NC, United States","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/Research-Triangle-Park.jpg","address":"3025 Carrington Mill Boulevard, Suite 500
\r\nMorrisville, NC 27560","phones":[{"phone":"+001 866-264-8594"},{"phone":"+001 919-228-4700"}],"fax":"+001 866-225-3085","content":"

ChannelAdvisor\u2019s corporate offices are located in the heart of North Carolina in the Research Triangle Park (RTP).\u00a0 Rated number one in\u00a0Forbes\u2019<\/em>\u00a0Best Places for Business & Careers, RTP is celebrated for its business, technology and education benefits.\u00a0 Nestled between Duke University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, RTP is a hotbed for innovation, thought leadership and, of course, sports.<\/p>\n

Beyond its business-related benefits, RTP is also just hours from North Carolina\u2019s famous Great Smoky Mountains in the west and legendary beaches in the east.\u00a0 No matter what your passion, North Carolina can satisfy any appetite.<\/p>\n"},{"title":"Seattle, WA, United States","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/Seattle_pic.jpg","address":"2101 Fourth Avenue
\r\nSuite 2250
\r\nSeattle, WA 98121","phones":[{"phone":"+001 206-527-3393"}],"fax":"","content":"

ChannelAdvisor\u2019s west coast office is in Seattle, Washington. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is approximately 100 miles south of the United States\/Canadian border. While living in the area, you\u2019re less than an hour from the beach or the world-class ski slopes of the Cascade Mountains. More than 20 golf courses also dot the perpetually green landscape. For sports fans, Seattle is also home to the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Mariners MLB franchise, and the Seattle Sounders of the MLS.<\/p>\n

Seattle is a great place to live, and was voted City of the Year by Fast Company magazine. With all the coffee options around, you\u2019ll need a good book!<\/p>\n"},{"title":"London, United Kingdom","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/London.jpg","address":"33 Kingsway
\r\nLondon WC2B 6UF
\r\nUnited Kingdom","phones":[{"phone":"+44 (0)203 014 2700"}],"fax":"+44 (0)208 181 6057","content":"

ChannelAdvisor EMEA Ltd is located in Covent Garden in the heart of Central London\u2019s West End theatre district.<\/p>\n

A popular tourist destination, Covent Garden is brimming with bars, cafes, restaurants, museums, theatres and of course the world famous market and opera house.<\/p>\n

Covent Garden is particularly well-served by public transport including the London Underground, numerous bus services and mainline rail services. London is served by five international airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City), which can all be reached easily from the city centre. The European cities of Paris and Brussels are also within easy reach via the Eurostar train service from St. Pancras Train Station.<\/p>\n

Leading Europe in GDP, London is one of the largest financial centres in the world.\u00a0 Beyond its thriving economy, London offers unparalleled culture and history.\u00a0 A city steeped in hundreds of years of architectural history, London now marries contemporary buildings and award-winning designs with its centuries-old roots.<\/p>\n

For further information visit\u00a0channeladvisor.co.uk<\/a>.<\/p>\n"},{"title":"Southend On Sea, United Kingdom","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/Southend_from_Southend_Pier.jpg","address":"10 Elmer Approach, Southend On Sea
\r\nEssex, SS1 1LW, UK","phones":[{"phone":"+0203 014 2700"}],"fax":"+001 852-225-8526","content":"

One of the two ChannelAdvisor offices in the UK is located in the picturesque Southend On Sea. With fantastic beaches and a lively seafront, Southend has a bustling town center, a thriving culture scene, and a wealth of history in its historic houses and museums. The town also boasts the longest pleasure pier in the world, which at 1.33 miles has put Southend on the map, as well as into the record books.<\/p>\n"},{"title":"Limerick, Ireland","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/d208_l_limerick_bg_1280x768.jpg","address":"Block 1,
\r\nInternational Science Centre,
\r\nNational Technology Park,
\r\nV94 C61W
\r\nRepublic of Ireland","phones":[{"phone":"+353 61 261300"},{"phone":"+353 61 261301"}],"fax":"","content":"

The third largest city in Ireland, Limerick is home to ChannelAdvisor\u2019s Ireland office. With a history that dates as far back to 922 AD when it was settled by Vikings, Limerick has a rich past, an exciting present and a promising future. Located on the River Shannon, Limerick is known for its beauty and culture. Its music scene is well renowned; Limerick has produced bands such as the Cranberries. Limerick is also widely recognized as the backdrop for Frank McCourt\u2019s memoir Angela\u2019s Ashes<\/em>, as well as the movie adaptation.<\/p>\n"},{"title":"Berlin, Germany","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/1742589-berlin-cathedral-berliner-dom-berlin-germany.jpg","address":"Charlottenstra\u00dfe 79-80
\r\n10117 Berlin
\r\nGermany","phones":[{"phone":"+0(30) 700 173 253"}],"fax":"+49 (0)30 2759 4541","content":"

One of the two ChannelAdvisor GmbH offices in Germany is located in the very heart of Germany\u2019s capital city Berlin.<\/p>\n

Each year thousands of visitors come to Berlin and find a city with many faces. A diverse culture of old and new, tradition and trend, make Berlin a place for everyone. No matter what your age or taste, Berlin offers world-class art, music, fashion, club culture, lifestyle and shopping, along with museums, historical buildings, beautiful parks and lakes.<\/p>\n

Berlin has over 170 museums, making the city one of the world\u2019s prime locations for superb historical collections of art, culture and technology, along with scientific collections.<\/p>\n

For more information visit channeladvisor.de<\/a>.<\/p>\n"},{"title":"Sao Paulo, Brazil","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/sao-paulo-postcard.jpg","address":"Av. Cidade Jardim 400
\r\n20\u00b0Andar, Sala 2010
\r\nS\u00e3o Paulo, SP, 01454-000","phones":[{"phone":"+55 11 3818-8981"}],"fax":"","content":"

ChannelAdvisor Brazil is located in the corner of Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima and Avenida Cidade Jardim in the heart of S\u00e3o Paulo\u2019s financial and technological hub. The office is easily accessible by car or public transport.<\/p>\n

S\u00e3o Paulo is the largest city in South America with a population of around 20 million people and a GDP of over 400 billion dollars a year. The city of S\u00e3o Paulo houses restaurants where it is possible to taste typical dishes from all over the country, in addition to international food.<\/p>\n

For further information visit: channeladvisor.br<\/a><\/p>\n"},{"title":"Melbourne, Australia","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/melbourne-overview-bridge-skyline-full.jpg","address":"Level 1, 2 Stawell Street
\r\nRichmond Victoria 3121
\r\nAustralia","phones":[{"phone":"1300 887 239"}],"fax":"(+61) 3 9874 6951","content":"

ChannelAdvisor Asia-Pacific is located in Richmond, approximately four kilometers from the centre of the Melbourne CBD, just off Bridge Road, an iconic shopping and cafe strip, in an old organ factory. The office is easily accessible by car, bike or public transport.<\/p>\n

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and the capital of Victoria. With a population of approximately four million people, the city is situated on the banks of the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay. Melbourne consistently rates highly as one of the world\u2019s most livable cities. Many Melburnians would contend that Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia; however, it is also well represented with galleries, theatres and concert venues, educational and research institutions as well as the headquarters of several large companies.<\/p>\n

For further information, visit channeladvisor.com.au.<\/a><\/p>\n"},{"title":"Shanghai, China","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/Location_Shanghai.jpg","address":"Room 2207-2209, 22\/F,
\r\nLansheng Building,
\r\n2-8 Middle Huai Hai Road,
\r\nShanghai, 200021, China","phones":[{"phone":"+86 21 2329-1888"}],"fax":"+86 21 2329-1999","content":"

Shanghai\u00a0sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the longest river in China. It is the largest Chinese city and \u201ca city of skyscrapers.\u201d With a history of more than 700 years, Shanghai was once the financial centre of the Far East. Today, Shanghai is the largest economic and transportation centre in China. The municipal government is working towards building Shanghai into a modern metropolis and into a world economic, financial, trading and shipping centre.<\/p>\n

The ChannelAdvisor office is located nearby Xintiandi. The subway station is less than five minutes walk and is accessible by public transportation. Xintiandi is a car-free shopping, eating and entertainment area of Shanghai. Xintiandi means \u201cNew Heaven and Earth,\u201d and is considered one of the first lifestyle centres in China.<\/p>\n


For further information visit: channeladvisor.cn<\/a>.<\/p>\n<\/div>\n"},{"title":"Shenzhen, China","image":"https:\/\/caapi.channeladvisor.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/06\/shenzhen.jpg","address":"Room 2641 26\/F B Area,
\r\nAnlian Building,
\r\n4018 Jin Tian Road Futian District,
\r\nShenzhen 518026 China","phones":[{"phone":"+86(0)755 3395 5787"}],"fax":"+86(0)755 3395 5843","content":"

Shenzhen is located on a southern tip of the Chinese mainland and on the eastern bank of the Pearl River. It neighbors Hong Kong and covers 1,991 square kilometers. The country\u2019s first special economic zone was established here in 1980. Shenzhen has been a touchstone for China\u2019s reform and opening-up policy since then. Shenzhen is the high-tech and manufacturing hub of China, home to the world\u2019s third-busiest container port, and the fourth-busiest airport on the Chinese mainland. The high-tech, financial services, modern logistics and cultural industries are mainstays of Shenzhen.<\/p>\n

The ChannelAdvisor office is located in Anlian Building in the Futian district, the city\u2019s financial, political and cultural core. Surrounded by some of the most important buildings in Shenzhen, the area is adjacent to many big banks and government buildings, as well as a large exhibition centre and the International Chamber of Commerce.<\/p>\n

For more information visit: channeladvisor.cn<\/a><\/p>\n

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