(Additional) Secrets to Successful Selling on Amazon: Part I

Based on feedback from the popular webinar, “7 Secrets to Successful Selling on Amazon,” we’ve answered your most pressing FBA concerns. The first of a five-part series.

You asked. We listened.

In February, many of you joined ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces Services Team Lead John Bryan for an informative webinar, “7 Secrets to Successful Selling on Amazon.” During the webinar, John dispensed wisdom on selling your products through the popular marketplace giant.

Amazon-logoWe were overwhelmed by the positive response, and even after it ended, you flooded our inbox with additional questions about the marketplace.

We get it. Amazon can be complicated. And we’re here to help. Over the months of April and May, we’ll be posting a five-part follow-up blog series based exclusively on your questions and broken down by topic.

This initial post, focused on fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), contains 12 of your most pressing FBA concerns answered by our ChannelAdvisor experts:

Q: If I sell many single-item products like books (single copies), how do you recommend getting started with fulfilment? Is this something that FBA can handle?

A: It depends on what your storage and shipping costs are on your own, compared to what it would cost to use FBA. Review FBA offerings here.

Q: Do I need UPCs to select the FBA option?

A: You need a UPC to list on Amazon if a product page doesn’t already exist, regardless of whether it’s FBA or merchant-fulfilled.

Q: Does Amazon fulfill paint products?

A: Amazon doesn’t have FBA for paint at this time.

Q: If my company is using FBA, does Amazon set the actual prices for my products? How are these prices determined?

A: You’ll still set the prices if you’re using FBA. FBA is storing your products and fulfilling orders. We recommend increasing the price to cover the increased cost of FBA.

Q: Does it cost more to sell with FBA? Is there an additional charge to join? What’s the range of fees associated with FBA?

A: Yes, there are additional fees involved with selling through FBA. While the pricing will vary depending on the weight of the product, you should be prepared to pay additional costs related to fulfilment, including handling, storage and picking and packing. For more details on specific costs, try using the FBA calculator.

Q: Is it really a lower fulfilment cost when you factor in Amazon’s fees?

A: Consider your cost for storage, customer service and shipping compared to FBA fees, along with a possible increase of orders with FBA’s incentives. This is a business decision, and it’s worth reviewing your options. Review FBA fees, and use the FBA revenue calculator to help research.

Q: Are FBA items automatically included in the global sales marketplaces?

A: No. For your products to be included in global marketplaces, you need to sign up with Amazon FBA Export and also ensure that you have products assigned to the FBA program. Read more about how to set up your account for FBA Export.

Q: If my company isn’t using FBA, will our products be available on Amazon global marketplaces? If not, how do we set that up?

A: If you’re not using FBA, you don’t have the option to use Amazon FBA Export. You still have the option to sign up with an Amazon account for each locale (Canada, Germany, etc.) and fulfill directly from your own warehouse or locations.

Q: How do we make our FBA product eligible for international shipping? Do we request it?

A: You can enable your existing FBA product by signing up with Amazon FBA Export. Only standard-size media and non-media units are eligible for FBA Export. Oversize units can’t be exported. Read more about how to set up your account for FBA Export.

Q: Is there any way to figure out the cost of selling internationally with FBA?

A: There’s no additional fee for FBA Export as long as you have existing FBA products. The fees for FBA can be found here.

Q: If we already have a relationship with Amazon.com (US), do we have to use FBA to access Amazon Canada or EU, or are they separate relationships?

A: FBA isn’t required for Amazon Canada or EU, as you can fulfill out of your own warehouse.

Q: Where can I find more information about FBA?

A: Review all FBA offerings here.

Check back next week for (Additional) Secrets to Successful Selling on Amazon: Part II, where we’ll tackle your concerns about the Amazon Buy Box.

Blog post by Luke Evans, Manager, Marketplaces Services, and John Bryan, Team Lead, Marketplaces Services at ChannelAdvisor.

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