Need-To-Know Changes from Facebook & The ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index

What’s new from Facebook that retailers should pay attention to in 2013 and what retailers are doing to turn customers into Fans and garner social ROI.

The Facebook Commerce Index for Q1 2013 is out, and we’ve
tweaked it just for you.

If you’ve been following the FBCI to date (introductory
post here
), you’ve learned to anticipate seeing what new punches big dogs
are throwing in the Top 25 ring, which victors emerge from unlikely verticals,
and what content and engagement tactics are proving most successful for
retailers across the board.

What’s new to the FBCI?

This year, we’ll be sifting through Facebook’s
updates each quarter to highlight which may elicit changes in retailers’ social
strategies with regard to content, advertising, mobile usability and more.

In Q1, there were a handful of updates from Facebook that will be crucial for retailers to pay attention to
going forward
, including graph search, an updated look for news feed (as displayed in the photo below) and
more. Read
the full Facebook Commerce Index to find out why these changes apply to
retail pages and our suggestions for how to react.

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Highlights from the Q1 FBCI

The total number of
online retailer fans
climbed to 550 million in Q1, clocking in at 7.5% growth.

We saw 1756% growth
from Boot Barn
, a western footwear and apparel retailer. It lassoed fans by
peppering product promotions with coupon-like photography and the occasional
Facebook offer amidst a stream of lighthearted contests and updates to keep its
fans coming without overwhelming them with Boot Barn products.

Boot Barn 1 proved that expensive contests and
giveaways aren’t the only way to garner a following, growing to 4,369 fans in less than 3 months, an immense uptick relative
to its January starting point of 848 fans
. found success
in posting high-quality images of dream homes for its fans to drool over,
reminding us that publishing category-related content that users want to see can produce engagement
without sounding too pushy on the product front. 1

Read up on all the charts of the Q1 2013 Facebook Commerce
Index in the full FBCI:

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