Open for Business! Newegg Opens its Coveted Consumer Electronics Category

Learn how you can now sell Consumer Electronics on Newegg!
has come a long way since the days when it was the destination of
choice for gamers. Today, it is a thriving third party marketplace with
18 million shoppers–most of whom are young, tech-savvy males.  Now
retailers have a greater opportunity to reach these shoppers.

Recently, lifted the restrictions on its most popular categories for
marketplace sellers.  As a result, retailers specializing in Consumer
Electronics can now list products on In addition, the
previously restricted IT category has been opened for sellers with
refurbished products only.

Newegg Consumer Electronics

you are a retailer with products appealing to those who have a penchant
for technology, Newegg should be high on your growth plan. The
technology savvy– whether they be guys or gals—frequently start their
searches on  What’s more, these shoppers tend to be
incredibly loyal.

are plenty of other successful categories on Newegg outside of Consumer
Electronics and IT.  At ChannelAdvisor, we’ve seen sellers with
products in Sporting Goods, Home/Car Audio and Office supplies do
incredibly well on this thriving marketplace.  In addition, Newegg
offers a wide variety of promotional opportunities for retailers.

short, if you have products for techies whether they be girl geeks or
gadget heads, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to reach them.
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Blog post by Sheridan Orr, ChannelAdvisor Director of Product Marketing