eBay’s Social Shopping Experience

ExteriorToday we visited eBay’s Social Shopping Experience pop up
store in Covent Garden. With this weekend anticipated to be the busiest online
shopping weekend in the UK, eBay is harnessing the power of social media to
create a unique shopping experience for browsers.

It’s an interesting concept; eBay collected product recommendations from social
Fashion networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (all of which are conveniently available on eBay), to give visitors ideas of must-have products and trends in the UK and inspiration for Christmas shopping.

The space is completely interactive with product barometres of the top products, augmented reality bringing toys to life in the palm of your hand, personal shopping advice via Facebook and fashion inspiration from Instagram. The whole visit was entertaining and displayed eBay’s catalogueueueue in a unique and engaging way.

EBay BarometreeBay estimates that 47% of the UK turn to friends for advice when making shopping decisions; which includes asking for advice over social media channels. This really highlights the importance of customer service and product recommendation this Christmas, so keep an eye on your important metrics even during the busy periods. The use of mobile phones is prevalent this Christmas, and eBay’s pop up drives home the importance and convergence of social, mobile and online. Be sure to visit if you’re in London.  And if you can’t, we’ll share one tidbit — Justin Bieber and iPhones were at the top of the product barometre!

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