Want to win Amazon’s Buy Box? First you have to be a Featured Merchant

So you want to win the Amazon Buy Box? It’s a lofty goal, and acheivable, but what many retailers don’t realise is that first you have to obtain Featured Merchant Status. (Something 90% of our sellers have obtained.)

So you want to win the Amazon Buy Box?  It’s a lofty goal, and achievable, but what many retailers don’t realise is that first you have to obtain Featured Merchant Status.

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Amazon doesn’t offer up too much information about the requirements for obtaining Featured Merchant Status—and offers no information about the specific category requirements—but through our experience grooming retailers to be the best Amazon seller they can be, we have put together some best practices for retailers.

In general, qualifying for Featured Merchant Status requires you to “beat” the standard. This is definitely the extra-mile club; maintaining just the status quo isn’t enough.  As part of that, you’ll need the following:

  • At least 3-6 months of selling history and/or order history.  This length of time and number of required products does differ by category—as it should since a seller of car chargers (or cell phone covers) is likely to have a much larger volume of sales than a seller of refrigerators.
  • Your Order Defect Rate (ODR) should be less than 1%.  ODR is determined by the number of A-to-z claims filed, negative customer feedback and chargeback claims.   This means that less than 1% of  your orders ended in an extremely poor buyer experience, so much so that the buyer felt it necessary to contact Amazon or express their displeasure to other buyers.
  • Excellent Customer Experience.  Amazon has made a name for itself (and earned lots of awards) by always putting the customer first.  Beyond ODR, Amazon considers the following when assessing customer experience:
    • Price
    • Customer service availability (hours)
    • Shipping options
    • Shipping speed

Though many think that price is the key to winning the Buy Box, that’s just one of the factors that go into it.

Reviewing listings for our third-party sellers on Amazon, we found that more than 90% have gained Featured Merchant Status and are eligible to win the Buy Box.  They are able to track all of the requirements above using our Amazon 360 dashboard.

Blog post by Jennifer Artabane, Sr. Product Manager, Marketplaces @jlartabane

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