ChannelAdvisor Holiday Sales Update – Same Store Sales (SSS)

This year has been interesting to watch compared to other years. While SSS are nicely up and at the high range of what we were thinking for the holiday selling period, this year sales were much more front-loaded into the Cyber-Five days (Thanksgiving-CyberMonday).

For example, this table compares the Cyber-Five to Green Monday (12/13/10):


Starting at the bottom, you can see that the overall E-commerce growth in the Cyber five was in the high 20% range and as we get to the end of the selling season it is in the mid-teens.

Amazon continues to outpace the other channels, but is down to 30% growth vs. ~68% growth at the kick off of the season.  Search is proving to be the most resilient coming in at ~25% as consumers continue to hunt for hard to find items using search primarily.

CSE was down significantly showing negative growth on Green Monday (-12%), which suggests consumers are done researching at the ‘top of the funnel’ and essentially know what they want to buy, thus they are carrying on focused searches vs. broad research activities.

We’ll have one more update next week to tie up the holiday sales and will be taking a blogging hiatus until 2011 after that!


SeekingAlpha disclosure- I am long Amazon and Google. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.