CyberMonday results are in – BOOM!

We’re still doing some final tallying, and our servers are still sweating profusely, but we have some preliminary CyberMonday results I wanted to share with everyone.


In addition to this data, we had a couple of other big ChannelAdvisor datapoints:

  • We had a record day hitting $28.7m in GMV for the day across our 3000+ customers
  • We processed over 500k transactions (actually orders processed)- over six a second.


From the SSS table above, a couple of observations.

  • First, Amazon is the clear winner from CyberMonday.  They did a great job across all fronts – the kindle was hot, which brings people to the site, the flash deals, the gold box, the email promos, the PR (they had live remotes on at least 3 channels through the day that I saw) all contributed to a monster day – I’m still blown away that customers were up 98%.
  • Google did very well thanks to their new e-commerce oriented product offerings.  Early in 2010, they were clearly losing ground in e-commerce and when compared with Amazon, they still are, but overall, I think they are back to gaining share vs. losing.
  • eBay was clearly a laggard.  While in an eBay-only view, 14.6% is probably knocking the cover off given they have been -5% to 5% through the year.  But when you stack that up against the performance at Amazon and even Google, eBay is hemorrhaging e-commerce market share.  To be fair, historically eBay is more back end loaded as they still play in that ‘hard to find/sold out’ part of the market, so perhaps they will accelerate as we get into December.

Conference calls and more data

We are participating in two calls (primarily for Wall st. analysts) this week:

  • Today (11/30/10)  3pm ET with Goldman Sachs
  • Tomorrow (12/1/10)  2pm ET – hosted by ChannelAdvisor

Please email if you’d like more information on the calls.

We’re still digging through the data from the last five days and will share a comprehensive summary as well as some other observations (top categories, AOV trends, CR trends, etc.).


In conclusion, I hope everyone had as AWESOME a CyberMonday as we enjoyed- thanks to our customers for making this a record setting day for us.  We are proud you have chosen us to help you sell more.

SeekingAlpha Disclosure – I am long Amazon and Google. eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.