Upcoming conversations with Wall St.

For the Wall St. readers out there, we have three events on deck around the topic of Holiday sales trends:

  • Merrill/BofA – 12/1/09 – 10am ET hosted by Justin Post
  • Goldman Sachs – 12/4/09 – 11am ET hosted by James Mitchell and the GS Internet team.  We’ll have eBags and some other retailers on this one.
  • Citigroup – 12/9/09 – 11am ET, hosted by Mark Mahaney.


At each event we’ll have some new data to present and I’m sure the holiday season is going to take some interesting twists and turns which we’ll be sure to report on.

If you are a retailer and want to listen in to any of the calls, feel free to contact Delisa Reavis @ ChannelAdvisor – delisa.reavis@channeladvisor.com and we’ll get you the information.