NexTag Testing a New Look

It seems that only a subset of users are seeing this, but NexTag is trying out a new look.

The home page has a larger splash area (which is currently Halloween focused), a very large search box, and more prominent navigation tabs.

The results pages are bolder and more colourful. The plus below the image lets you add the item to your shopping list, the chain finds similar products and the magnifying glass drills down to the product page (or to the retailer if no product page exists).

The price box on the right makes the offers stand out more. The big “Go!” buttons look nice, but they skip the product page and go directly to the retailer, which may have impact on conversion rate. But for the holiday shopping season, that could be a very desirable placement to drive volume. The “overview” page on Yahoo shopping and the coming product pages have similar “top offer” type areas, but unfortunately neither has the ability to notify merchants when they fall out of that placements. Maybe NexTag will be the first.

It’s a little surprising that the NexTag logo on the results page pushes all the other content down and stands alone. Seems like a lot of white space.