Follow up – Holiday Season Approaching: Watch Out for Falling CPCs??

Well, it appears that November 1st has come and gone and is the only Comparison Shopping Engine daring to drop their rates for the Holiday Season.  Other major players still plan to increase their rates (per usual) for the holiday season.  However, Shopzilla is offering a small concession by postponing the rate increase from Nov 1st to Nov 20th – a few extra days is always appreciated.

Regardless I am still interested in how’s rate decrease will work for them over the coming 2 months.  Specifically as retailers have come to realise Shopping Engines are a “must have” advertising avenue will they find the extra ads for the same spend on is worth additional attention, or not?  And while budgets may be decreasing with the tight economy we see percent spend on Comparison Shopping Engines remaining steady, regardless of CPC increases or decreases… my guess is none of the major engines will starve, but will thrive?