February Search Trends


Clients often ask us what percentages of searchers are using the various search engines. We all know that Google dominates but it is interesting to see the slight shifts in traffic month over month.  Additionally, clients like to see this data to predict what kind of lift they would see in traffic if they added another search engine to their SEM strategy.

U.S. Search Marketing Trends reports February 2008 Search Query Share findings.  Google still dominates with 59.2% total searches and Yahoo with 21.6%. Microsoft Sites reportedly had 9.6% of the search shares, declining slowly over the last six months. From this data it looks like the slight decline in searches from Yahoo and Microsoft have been picked up by Google.  Both Yahoo and Microsoft have seen a decrease over the last 7 months of about 1.7% each while Google has seen a gain of about 2.7%.

written by Erin Gordon — erin.gordon at channeladvisor.com