CSE 2.0 – Is TheFind.com the fastest growing second gen CSE?

Today TheFind.com announced that they are the fastest growing second generation CSE.   The releases states that they are on track to hit 1m uniques/m in April and have grown 540% since November, which is certainly impressive growth.   I have access to comscore and will post some data when it comes out for March.  In the Jan data, I do recall seeing  become at 2-3m uniques so they have a lead on uniques, but it’s totally possible that TheFind is growing faster.

In a note from their PR folks they mention this puts them ahead of:   Shopwiki,
Jellyfish, Pronto, Become, MyTriggers and Like.com.

It’s always interesting to see who a company views as the competition and this is a good list.  I’d add ugenie.com and zeedive.com to the list and some more of the visual guys like shopstyle and Browsegoods.

I’ve started getting a fair number of requests from VCs and journalists that want to talk about CSE 2.0 and what’s driving this next generation of CSEs.  I’ll be posting some more thoughts on that later today and look forward to a dialog with subscribers.